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Why Raawee?

What makes us different?

Our management philosophy at RaaWee is simple. Get the fundamentals right and success will follow. Attention to details, responsive services to our customers (employees and clients), and rigorous quality assurance are fundamental principles here at RaaWee, Inc.

We are dedicated in delivering a product/project that is quality treated and in ensuring a level of service that meets the varying requirements of our clients. Our passion and pride in our work, results in successful project completion in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Satisfied Employees You can comfortably rely on RaaWee as we offer:

  • Satisfied and Happy Employees
  • Equally Satisfied and Happy Clients
  • Understanding of client needs and business
  • Flexibility
  • Over 15 year of experience
  • Automated Processes and Methodologies
  • Faster Development
  • Technology Driven
Satisfied and Happy Employees

Our employees are our family. Employee feedback is paramount towards improving the culture that exists at RaaWee We treat our team members as importantly as our clients, because we believe that a happy team member will bring us a delighted and satisfied client.

Employee Focus –“One team member at a time”. By design we have kept the organization hierarchy relatively flat and every team member is treated as equal when it comes to employee well being, organizational matters etc. Seniority is always given due respect and regard with a focus and emphasis on building and maintaining competence.

We endeavor to track satisfaction of our team members, provide them professional and financial growth opportunities, training them and encouraging our team members. Development of social skills, communication skills and job enrichment is always a key fundamental focus.

Satisfied and Happy Clients

We are blessed to have been in business for a long time and have created happy and satisfied references for our methodologies and work. Our clients will be happy to speak with you to mention about the works we have done for them.

Understanding of the client needs

We first understand the needs of our clients by involving the respective practice leads for each client’s query.


We believe that each client is different and so are their expectations, situations and requirements. Our teams are conditioned to adapt to the client standard and expectations.

Over 15 years of Experience

RaaWee team has been engaged in this business for over 15 years now. You are assured to deal with a team that has over a one and a half decade of experience in serving its client base.

Automated Processes & Methodologies

RaaWee is a fully automated services company. Our processes to serve our teams and clients are mostly automated and system driven. Every customer is assigned an id and all projects from this customer are associated with this id. An Online project communication, tracking and reporting system (RaaWee ProjectBase) is in place and can be accessed for up to-date project status any time.

Depending on the nature of the assignment and technologies involved, our resources we use several tools during project life cycle covering project management, issue management, help desk, software testing, and source control.

Faster Development

Over the years we have managed to develop cross platform resources and project delivery exposure. Besides the popular frameworks in the marketplace, RaaWee as a professional services organization has also developed some of its own frameworks and software libraries which are used very effectively and efficiently to deliver on any custom projects or on a number of our own product offering.

Technology Driven

We are a Technology focused and Technology Driven Company and constantly moving ahead with latest tools and methodologies is one of the most important goals. Also we continue to support technologies which are with time getting obsolete or are being now termed as legacy.

Working with RaaWee, you can be assured that you will take full use of the latest trends and technologies and make the most of your past technology investments.

Our areas of expertise range into Microsoft technologies, Java, Oracle, PowerBuilder, Mobile Technologies (iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android), Adobe Flex and LAMP stack.