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United ISD To Improve Average Daily Attendance

United ISD

Laredo, TX: United ISD decides to implement RaaWee Truancy & Dropout Prevention System (TDPS).  With fast growing student population and currently having approx. 43,000 students in the District, they are confident that TDPS will help them towards:

  • Accurately accounting and implementing truancy preventive programs
  • Significantly improve their ADA Revenues
  • Provide timely interventions to Students with challenges
  • Take informed & Data Driven Decisions

    United ISD has chosen Cloud hosted solution for TDPS.

Truancy Documentation creation, sharing, storage and filing becomes efficient for Denton ISD

Denton ISD logo

Denton, TX: One click Court Documentation Creation & Management System will assist Denton ISD to efficiently collaborate between Campuses Attendance Clerks and District Attendance Office. They are able to implement a process that encourages students to attend School and avoid court penalties. And, if referred by the Campus, the Truancy Office can generate all relevant court documents through a fully automated system that keeps the documents in a secure and centralized location. Denton ISD has over 25,000 students enrolled. They have chosen to implement this product as an on-premise hosted solution.

Truancy & Dropout Prevention System

Since the beginning of formal education, truancy has been a strong indicator of a child and family in crisis. Over time, chronic absenteeism became a harbinger of social and community issues such as teenage pregnancy, shoplifting and vandalism. And, just as critical, the tie of school funding to average daily attendance has made truancy a top challenge of school districts for many decades.

Truancy & Dropout Prevention System

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Truancy has also been one of the major reasons for any student to eventually dropout from school. Although Truant behavior can be identified by SIS or Attendance Software, this long-time challenge often stems from lack of processes, tools and resources for early recognition, efficient processing and timely intervention, including:

  • Tight Collaboration among Key Stakeholders,
  • Sound Truancy Data Intelligence,
  • Efficient Documentation Management.

TDPS collaboration network

This is where the RaaWee Truancy & Dropout Prevention System (TDPS) introduces success. TDPS delivers a workflow-based Collaboration Network easily customizable to any School District's local environment and procedures. All internal stakeholders view up-to-date status on a Workflow Action Dashboard, fed real-time by the Truancy Document Manager (TDM) and Truancy Mobile App (TMA) modules. Proven business tools and practices applied to the business of Quality Education.

The success realized by the RaaWee Truancy & Dropout Prevention System (TDPS) generates revenue so quickly that it virtually pays for itself – not somewhere down the road, but right away. We encourage you to let us prove it to you. Contact us to have one of our Truancy & Dropout Prevention technology experts provide you an online demonstration or a private consultation for further information specific to your School District.

TDPS Collaboration Network

The Truancy Intelligence and Truancy Document Manager modules deliver premiere efficiency in Collaboration between the District Attendance and Truancy Offices and the School’s Principal. The Guardian and Child are provided the most timely intervention and information. With this tightly coordinated effort, Juvenile Court involvement may be avoided or, if still necessary, promptly filed with appropriate proof of outreach.

Truancy Documentation Manager (TDM)

Truancy Intelligence (Tl)

Truancy Documentation Manager (TDM) provides effective communication and coordination among District Attendance and Truancy Offices, School Site and Parent. Critical information and notifications regarding a truant child flow seamlessly between School and Parent. Schools engage a process that encourages students and parents to avoid court actions and penalties. And, if referred by the Campus, the Truancy Office can generate all relevant court documents through a fully automated system that keeps all backup documents in a centralized file location. Partial information, documents housed at different sites and forms en route from one intervention stakeholder to another are all avoided with this easy to use, but sophisticated management system.

Truancy Intelligence (TI) provides critical data analytics and reporting for School Administrators, allowing in depth understanding of how intervention resources are applied and utilized. Informed actions to resolve individual situations are now just a click away. TI also gives instant visibility into Truancy patterns and compares levels of success. Compiled data can easily be accessed and viewed based on gender, ethnicity, age, grade, school level, site, etc. Timely and informed outreach is then provided for the students most in need.

Onboarding Process

RaaWee is available to K-12 Schools as a reliable technology team and provides them the tools to improve their attendance in a way that is a best fit for their local environment. Our highly customizable and adaptable truancy prevention solution for K-12 is implemented as below:

Onboarding Process