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Online Student Registration System

Online Student Registration System (OSRS) by RaaWee, Inc. makes the annual registration process faster and reduces the paper trail for Public Schools.

Registrars will save time in reviewing and approving the applications without sorting through the documents and manually entering the data for each student. OSRS offers a very convenient and highly efficient way to handle the workload during the onsite registration process every school year.

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OSRS has simplified the required back-to-school and new registration process. Gone are the days of completing multiple paper forms for each child. Instead, the registration process will be online, through Secure Online Access Account for the Guardians and District/Campus Staff. The Guardians will have the flexibility to register their children online at their convenience. With OSRS, the Guardians will enter the common information once and it will be replicated for all the applications they are submitting for that school year. For every subsequent school year, the Guardians would only need to review the approved applications from previous year and confirm if the information is still current. They would be able to modify the information, if necessary, and resubmit the applications for the new school year

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Main Features
  • Pre-creation of online accounts for existing guardians of current district students in SIS.
  • Self-registration for new guardians.
  • Login, password change, and recovery features.
  • Secure online access for easy step-by-step completion and submission of registration applications for new, previously enrolled (in the district), and back-to-school students.
  • Applications for returning students for the new school year are prepopulated from previous year's information.
  • Use of data replication and controls such as dropdown list box and radio buttons to minimize data entry by the guardians.
  • Data Input Validation for SIS conformity.
  • Saving of partially completed applications to fill out and submit later.
  • Access to previously submitted or approved applications for resubmission.
  • Option to print blank or completed registration application forms for paper based submissions.
  • Alerts and Notifications.
  • Online help and tool tips.
  • Language Preference (English and Spanish versions).
  • Document scanning, storing, and tracking as per District requirements.
  • Option to capture and store photograph of student using digital camera.
  • Role based access and permissions to registration forms for registrars and other staff members
  • District and Campus level access
  • Customizable Workflow for Review, Approval, Provisional Approval, and Denial of the registration applications
  • Capturing and uploading of required documents, photo, and digital signature during onsite verification
  • Barcode Scanning and View and Search Filters for quick retrieval of registration applications
  • Campus and/or Grade override
  • Forwarding of registration application to a different campus if required.
  • Custom Alerts and Notifications
  • Real-time Data Synchronization with SIS for approved applications.
  • Saving, searching, and retrieving of archived registration applications for online viewing and printing
  • Emailing of Registration Status Summary Reports to authorized district/campus staff
  • Customizable Online Registration Forms
  • Real-time Synchronization with SIS
  • Data Validation as per target SIS format
  • Audit Trail and Archives
  • Data Security using 128 bit encryption
  • Guardian/Parent Account Management
  • District and Campus Staff Account Management
  • Role-based Access Management for District and Campus users
  • System Services and Reports Management
SIS Integration
  • Pre-population of OSRS database from SIS with registration related data for all currently enrolled students
  • Precreation of existing guardian accounts from SIS in OSRS
  • Automatic linking of guardians with the associated students in OSRS
  • Creation and linking of student contacts from SIS is OSRS
  • Real-time update of back-to-school student data in SIS upon approval of the registration application for the new school year from OSRS
  • Real-time update of previously enrolled (in the district school) student data in SIS upon approval of the registration application from OSRS
  • Real-time insert of new student data in SIS upon approval of the registration application from OSRS
  • Real-time check if the student being enrolled from OSRS already exists in SIS
  • Appropriate data validations based on the student type (new, previously enrolled, current) before updating/inserting data from OSRS into SIS
  • Customizable OSRS/SIS integration scripts and procedures to accommodate changes in SIS without impacting other OSRS modules