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Get Lift Agency - Austin, TX

LIFT logoLift Agency chooses RaaWee for managing SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2013 migration for a major Chip manufacturing company in the United States

We are helping the Chip Manufacturer's IT team with overcoming SharePoint 2013 technical challenges and how to best utilize SharePoint 2013's new features. In addition to that RaaWee is also responsible for successfully executing the migration plan and meet the prescribed timelines for the launch. This global development effort is in progress under RaaWee's supervision and project management.

HEB - ISD - Bedford, TX

HEB logoHEB ISD once again hires RaaWee to migrate from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013

HEB ISD has once again engaged RaaWee to migrate their current system from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013. Earlier, RaaWee was chosen to develop a web portal for HEB ISD using SharePoint 2010. This portal is being used as a collaboration tool and documents management system for various departments ranging from Human Resource to Technology to Special Ed. A powerful search engine development was also part of this project, which helps HEB to search for any document in the repository either through a keyword or any metadata. Additionally, we also implemented a Room Reservation system based on SharePoint for HEB.

Denton, TX

Denton LogoDenton ISD selects RaaWee to implement Truancy Documentation System on SharePoint

Denton ISD has selected RaaWee to implement Truancy Documentation System on SharePoint. This documentation intensive department needed software that improves their coordination capabilities amongst Parents, Campus and Truancy Office. Complete Truancy documentation is now going to be maintained on SharePoint for Denton ISD. The software will help them to encourage the child to remain in school, maintain passing grades and to excel in their education.

San Antonio, TX

JISD logoJudson ISD is implementing Online Student Registration System from RaaWee

Judson ISD selected RaaWee’s OSRS to automate their Student Registration Process. This product is scheduled to go online for the school year 2013-2014. OSRS is a very scalable and flexible Registration product that helps save tens of thousands of dollars each school year.
For details about OSRS, please visit Student Registration

London, UK

London olympics logoRaaWee’s developed application being used by the London Olympics Organizing Committee

RaaWee was chosen to develop an application for the use during Olympics 2012. This honor of being chosen for such a high profile system development work came to RaaWee team for its long-term association and satisfactorily delivering one of the most popular events tracking tool Wozzon that works on multiple mobile (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, Blackberry) platforms as well as through the web.

The application by RaaWee for LOCOG captures all the related information from different sources, publishes it and makes the information available for search by the visitors, users etc. Visitors can sneak in to the information related to any event going on during the Olympics using the web, while Administrators keep publishing the new information being automatically extracted from multiple sources.

Organizing the Games is a huge challenge. With 26 Olympic Sports and 20 Paralympics Sports, 14,700 athletes, 21,000 media and 10.8 million ticket-holders, it is the equivalent of staging 46 World Championships simultaneously. Developing an app that will capture data real-time and consolidates all the information and then presenting to the web app was a real programming challenge that RaaWee and its development partners in UK and Israel jointly accomplished. RaaWee is truly proud to contribute to this traditional event.

Bothell, WA

EagleView logo EagleView Technologies hires RaaWee for .Net 4.0 development projects

EagleView Technologies is the industry leader for 3D aerial measurement services & reports. An EagleView Report is created when a client visits our website and submits address information of the structure they want measured. Aerial images of the structure are pulled, measured, and reviewed by expert technicians and a final report is generated. The finished professional report is then emailed to the client.

Eagleview hired RaaWee as an extended .Net development team for its core products. This partnership enables Eagleview to have access to several RaaWee developers just like an internal team while having the flexibility to scale up and scale down the team size as needed without compromising on the quality and delivery to its customers.

Houston, TX

Cobait logoRaaWee delivers SharePoint based CBAS product to Cobait

CBAS delivers an affordable application to run your entire business using one single application. CBAS helps enterprises to manage every aspect of their organization – from HR to Purchasing to Legal and operations. Designed with flexibility and available on-premise or on-demand, CBAS makes it easy to get up and running quickly and add functionality as you grow.

RaaWee developed this application for Cobait using MS SharePoint 2010.

Arlington, TX

Firsh CashFirst Cash signs RaaWee for SharePoint Implementation evaluation

First Cash Financial Services, based in Arlington TX is a leading provider for specialty consumer financial services and related retail products. The company owns hundreds of Pawn stores across United States & Mexico.

RaaWee is hired by First Cash to evaluate the automation of various projects using MS SharePoint.

Dallas, TX

The Harding Group logoThe Harding Group teams up with RaaWee for SharePoint Implementation for it customers

The Harding Group in Dallas Metropolis has been serving customers in Education, Professional Service firms, Energy and Finance sectors with Document Management, Infrastructure Management, Storage, Back-up and Cloud Services.

To effectively serve the high demand for SharePoint Implementation services from its customers The Harding Group partnered and chose RaaWee to be its SharePoint technical team. This partnership will enable THG to offer SharePoint Implementation an Integration services to its existing and new customers while for RaaWee it is an exciting opportunity to be trusted by THG and serving their customers.

San Francisco, CA

My Safe Family LogoMy Safe Family assigned its web portal and mobile app development to RaaWee

MSF offers a safe place to store the e-documentation in an online vault that can be have user defined alerts and social sharing with secure access. The solution offers an iPhone mobile app to record the e-inventory that can be sync with online account and QR code printing facility.

Sharepoint 2010 logoSharePoint 2010 being implemented for a leading Healthcare software products provider.

RaaWee is assisting a major Healthcare software company in implementing Clinical Trials application using SharePoint 2010. This product is targeted to cater to the pharmaceutical industry’s requirement to conduct clinical trials for it’s drugs in a more organized, efficient, almost paper free, automated and cost-effective manner.

The product harnesses the power of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and is being built around it’s enterprise grade architecture and platform, to deliver robust functionality in application flow, document management, workflow execution and security.

360Training - Austin, TX

360 training logo360Training.com hires RaaWee as a strategic partner for developing Self Service Portal

360training.com services over 1500 e-learning partners who together have trained more than 3 million users worldwide. Their integrated strategy of technology, content and service helps organizations and professionals in a wide range of industries best manage career, compliance and certification needs.

360training.com has hired RaaWee team for implementing Self Service and Homework Assignment System using Java.
Visit 360 Training

Microsoft Dynamics logoMicrosoft Dynamics ERP Practice for Education

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Microsoft Dynamics ERP practice. Enjoying a Gold Partner status, which is the highest available; our resources are working actively on a variety of Microsoft tools and technologies.

We offer a team of Certified Microsoft Dynamics consultants who are dedicated to deliver value to customers by providing services across the life cycle from assessment to implementation, and rollout. We also provide value to customers by providing Upgrades, Migration and Managed Services

Our Dynamics ERP services include:
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX Implementation
  • Technical Support Services
  • Customization Services
  • Training
  • Business Performance Management.
MISD - McKinney, TX

Mckinney logoMcKinney ISD selects RaaWee for District-wide Student Enrollment System implementation

McKinney ISD (MISD) is the second Independent School District in the State of Texas that has selected RaaWee to design and develop its web based Student Enrollment System.

This solution will facilitate in automating the student enrollment process and will be fully integrated to backend Pentamation (eSchool Plus), thus making it easier for parents/guardians to register online.

RaaWee was selected because of its strong recommendation, delivery capability and sound domain knowledge in this area. A similar application has been implemented by the RaaWee Team at the Denton ISD which was also fully integrated with Pentamation (eSchool Plus), Edulog, SNAP and TLC. Zone Integration Server by CPSI was used for the applications to talk with the online registration system.
Visit here

CenturyLink - New Century, KS

Century link logoCenturyLink Teknet releases LINK’s Phase 1 for School Systems

RaaWee delivers the first version of Web based Links to CenturyLink Teknet. This new powerful software provides many school applications over school or school district’s Local and Wide Area Network. Links’ applications include - Bell and Bell scheduling, Electronic Bulletin, Clock Synchronization, Alarm bulletin, Energy Management, Resource / Media Schedule & Control, Video on Demand, & Video Decoding.
Visit here

Wozzon, London, UK

Wozzon logowoZZon on Nokia Wins UK's 'Calling All Innovators' competition !

The idea behind woZZon is a simple yet highly effective one: to find out what's on near you. The woZZon search engine gives easy access to a comprehensive database of 60,000 geo-coded venues and 90,000 unique events across 15 genres.

woZZon development and support is managed by a robust technical team at RaaWee which undertakes all development and support activities to maintain this Events search engine.

This application is GPS enabled and tightly integrated with Google Maps. The GPS functionality helps to detect user’s location, and intelligently filters results based on user’s proximity. The searched results are integrated with Google Map, thus users can locate the event visually and allow them to determine how to move in.

The application provides important details on searched event such as Venue, Pricing, Booking, Timings, Contact, and Event/Venu Snapshots. User can also share their experience of the events by reviewing the event(s) and writing their comments about the event.

Nokia were impressed with the way that woZZon data syncs with Ovi’s rich mappings to create a powerful and useful social tool and Wozzon for Nokia has recently won Nokia’s " Calling All Innovators' competition ".

So next time you are in London, let woZZon guide you to “What Is On” in UK

Winnetech, Kansas City, MO

winntech logoWinntech Selects RaaWee as the Development Partner.

WinnTech is on the way to provide an online solution for his customers to update media content available online and schedule them with the same online site. Basically the whole solution has the capability to get synchronized from a remote location itself via internet connection and this online interface gives ease its customer’s login on desired time and update the related content with respect to play list and related media tracks.
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Motieve, Phoenix, AZ

motieve logoRaaWee to manage Enterprise Social networking space for Motieve

The Web 2.0 user experience (presentation, speed), collaboration (social networking, video sharing), information sharing (wikis, blogs), etc will all be developed using the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack. RaaWee team is very experienced and fully equipped with the LAMP and offering Web 2.0 experience.

Cutlass, New York, NY

cutlassCutlass Inc. chooses RaaWee for Android and iPhone Development for aZZa platform

aZza is a digital art application for smart phones that draws random doodles on iPhone and phones with android operating system. The application renders colorful doodles based on mathematics. These doodle than can be used as wall paper and screen saver. The application makes use of touch screen, shake gesture and orientation technologies.
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RetroMessaging, Carpinteria, CA

retro messaging logoRaaWee partners with Retro Messaging to get into Mobile Marketing Space for iPhone

RaaWee and Retro Messaging partner to utilize Super Imposing and Chroma Key technology for Mobile marketing in Asia. In the beginning the Super Imposing technology will be offered for iPhone and then later on will soon be developed for Android.
Visit here

UC Planet, Santa Clara, CA

UCplanetUnified Communication Tool UC Planet LookOut goes in production with two Global Fortune 100 players

UC Planet has engaged RaaWee to develop its “LookOut” software for Microsoft OCS platform. UC Planet’s “Lookout” is the IT industry’s first WAN bandwidth management and call admission control software solution for Microsoft Office Communications Server.

The application allows businesses to seamlessly integrate network and peripheral intelligence with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 and R2 (OCS). Businesses use Lookout to extend the functionality of OCS for deploying voice, video and conferencing capabilities across multiple sites and geographies.

Lookout enables OCS administrators and network administrators to group Microsoft Office Communicator users into logical “sites” or “zones”, limit calls to and from specific locations, and assess usage for capacity planning and managing available bandwidth as new users, sites and services are added. An OCS user receives a custom IM message in the event his audio or video call is denied per the available bandwidth or the provisioned call limits for his zone.

RaaWee software engineers have been besides this development all along as it now goes into implementations at different sites.
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Cincinnati, OH

Respondby logoRespondBy.com releases the beta version for RFP Management

RaaWee assisted RespondBy to release beta version of its RFP Management Application. The product offers simplicity and integration with its unique and robust features to manage RFPs and respond to RFPs. Typically, RFP take a long time to build and a long time to respond. It requires many people to effectively participate in the process. With RespondBy RFP Management System, the users can track and focus on the projects that matter most and brings the necessary coordination and collaboration for the users to quickly manage the RFP release or RFP Bid process. The users do not have to change any of their basic tools to work with. RespondBy.com was developed to serve as a platform with enabling functionality but created to not have it user conform to it but it to confirm to its users. Open, flexible and effective is what you will come away with when using RespondBy