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Software Product Development Customers

Finding, managing and retaining of competent software engineers and their associated costs is a challenge all Software Product development companies face, especially when the job market has improved. Its harder then ever to find talented and qualified team in time.

RaaWee, Inc. is a competent and experienced services provider that assists its customers from product concept to the market. We have competent and experienced software engineers onboard to serve our customers from the moment any project is trusted with us.

RaaWee's Managed Team Model (MTM) is an effective partnering experience for Software Product Development companies. It enables them to significantly improve their access to qualified and experienced team members who are technically savvy, detail oriented, mature and flexible. RaaWee is structured to serve Product Development Companies as a reliable and responsive extension to their in house team on need basis.

Partnering with RaaWee
for Faster & Reliable Software Product Development

  • Fixed Price or Time & Material, responsibility of quality product development stays with us
  • Qualified software engineers readily available to you
  • Expand your Delivery Capacity with Zero Capital Expenditure
  • Highly Flexible & Competitive Billing Rates
  • Accomplish more in your budgets
  • Daily stand-up meetings with the team
  • Daily report on work done by the team
  • Zero Effort on hiring and identifying technically competent team members
  • Zero administrative hassles for you
  • 100% Transparency Assured
  • Achieve Speed to market
  • Ramp up or Ramp down the team size as needed
  • Experienced Project Management

How we do it?

Very simply put, by adhering to the following two principles we are able to earn happy and satisfied customers:

1. We ensure that our engineers are happy and satisfied
2. We ensure that our service processes are continually being refined and are flexible enough to adjust to any customer’s specific methodology and project

Happy & Satisfied Team Members

We firmly believe that the best way to serve our customers is to employ and assign happy and satisfied engineers to our customers. RaaWee is fully committed to its employee’s happiness and satisfaction. In addition to continually improving our work environment, improving earning potential for our team, technology innovation & readiness, and providing training opportunities, we are constantly finding ways to catch them doing things right and accordingly recognize and reward them. This healthy environment within RaaWee ensures that each team member’s heart and mind are committed towards our customer’s success.

Software developed by our team are successfully being used at the following software product companies:

Refined Processes

Agile & Lean Development

We understand that most of the times requirements cannot be completely defined. Our iterative and communicative approach, aligned with a combination of Agile and Lean development principles ensure that the idea is realized faster and there is no wastage of time or project resources. RaaWee’s collaborative approach along with responsive attitude to changes tend to develop a product that is exactly as per the customer demand and done in an optimal timeframe.

Refined Processes

Waterfall Software Development Life Cycle

All customers are unique and to cater their unique requirements, we are structured flexibly. We adopt what and how customer demands from iterative requirement gathering to changing designs to fast implementation and well-tested delivery. For each of our customer, we align ourselves according to their project requirements to their development methodology.

In cases of Product Companies that follow standard Waterfall SDLC, RaaWee readily provides engineers that will serve following that model.

Waterfall Software Development Life Cycle

Services For Software Product Companies

Web Application Development

With over a decade of experience serving the IT marketplace, we strive to become your true "Team Member", a valuable ally that complements your existing capabilities and skills. Our team develops well-engineered, reliable and innovative software with attention to detail throughout the engagement.

Our highly qualified team of engineers, architects and project managers adapt to the latest tools and technologies on regular basis. We employ the right mix of tools to deliver the product exactly as per our customer’s needs and vision in an optimal timeframe.


  • Visual Basic
  • Visual C#
  • Visual C++
  • ASP .NET
  • SharePoint
  • SQL Server
  • Crystal Reports
  • MS Project


  • Developer 2000
  • Oracle 8i
  • Oracle Apps
  • Orcale BI

Power Builder

  • Power Builder
  • Sybase ASE
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • Windows 2000
  • Power Designer


  • JavaEE
  • JSP
  • JSM
  • EJB
  • Spring
  • Struts
  • Hybernate
  • More...


  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Joomla
  • ECM
  • Drupal
  • Zen Cart
  • OS Commerce
  • Vtiger CRM
  • More...

Cloud Hosting

We assist our customers to choose amongst various on-demand IT Infrastructures and Resources available as per their specific project needs. Accordingly, we assist them to deploy the product on any of the following Cloud Platforms.

Social Media Integration

RaaWee engineers are experienced with seamlessly integrating Apps to Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, etc. as per the need.

Mobile Application Development

RaaWee Mobile Application development engineers have developed mobile apps for different types of customers:

  • Software Product Companies where they wanted to extend their web based or client/server products to mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Brew, Symbian.
  • Enterprises that wanted to enable their workforce or their customers to access information from backend enterprise systems being hosted either in the public cloud or on their private cloud.

We work closely with our customers and ensure to discuss and understand their business goals from any particular app they want developed. This helps us to propose our customers effective solutions that actually meet their objectives at most competitive costs.

Our mobile app development life cycle can be summarized as below:

A sample of business areas where we developed Mobile Apps in the past are as follows:

  • Location based Consumer related Apps
  • Sales force automation
  • Contextual Data and Ads publishing apps
  • Services Field force automation
  • Child Safety and Parental control apps
  • Consultants
  • Asset Loss Prevention
  • Group messaging
  • Health care
  • Access to Enterprise Apps and Corporate Dashboards

Add-on Support Services

Ad on Software Support Services for Product Companies

Product Configuration for their customers

One of the challenges Software Product companies face is deployment and configuration of their products with their new customers. There is usually a common set of steps that are followed to configure the product with the new customer. RaaWee can free up Product company employees from this usually simple but time-consuming job. This way the employees of the company can spend their time into more important tasks such as focusing on the next version or newer features.

Product Customization for their customers

Sometimes few features of products here and there are needed to be customized depending on the customer. RaaWee can assign team to Product Development companies for customizing their product as and when needed by their customer. This frees up the internal team with the continued development.

Integration of their products with 3rd party systems as per the customer’s requirements

Being an extended team for our Software Product Development Customers, RaaWee can be hired to develop integration brokers/web services that extend the product to 3rd party systems at customer site.

Data Migration services for their products from 3rd party or legacy systems

It often happens that when a product is deployed, old data needs to be migrated from legacy to the newer product. RaaWee can act as an extended team to help with this process.

Provide Software Testing services

Testing in an Agile development model is significantly more challenging and requires closer interaction amongst the developers and architects. Very little documentation is there to be shared and unit tests, exploring the system, analyzing comprehensive set of outputs is expected of testers.

Application Maintenance and Support

RaaWee can also assist Product companies in supporting the older versions at customer sites. This is especially useful if the original developers have left the company or are busy developing the new products.