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Clients Testimonials

After successful projects and brilliant after support, our clients says:

Thank you for your hard work.Your team has been great to work with. Looking forward to continuing our relationship.

Ran Mullins, CEO - EditSpot

I've been working with the RaaWee team on a set of business-critical applications for quite some time. I am very satisfied and impressed with the thoroughness, professionalism, quality and commitment to delivery that RaaWee has demonstrated. They have kept pace with our development needs on various mobile platforms while maintaining superb project management and communication. This has been done at a cost that is extremely competitive. We feel that RaaWee is part of our own team whom we trust and depend upon. Given that this is the case, I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend the RaaWee organization.

Boyd Machtolff, Chief Technology Officer - eAgency, Inc.

Over the years that we have worked together, the offshore team at your company has become far more than “just another outsourcing resource” to CyberWolf. We have formed close relationships with the team members overseas and are working in a tightly integrated development organization that spans all areas from new product development to maintenance. The high degree of responsiveness and reliability of the team is an important asset to our business.

Karin Stevenson, Manager Software Development - CyberWolf Systems

It has been delightful to work with your team. They are honest about communicating areas of their expertise. They understand our business needs, and find solutions to fit those needs within our time and budget constraints. We have hired a Managed Team from them and the quality and communication skills of their resources are excellent. They offer good alternative advices while respecting our decisions. We value this kind of relationship very much and look forward to continue our strategic business partnership with them in the times to come.

Lawrence Tam, Director of Engineering - Constellation HomeBuilder Systems Inc.

I commend your organization's demonstrated ability and professionalism.

Steve Owens, Manager, Engineering/R&D - Sprint

We have worked very closely with your people on many projects. We are very happy with their work and continue to look for new opportunities to employ them.

Brent Marcus, President & CEO - CyberSpace Promotions, Inc.

Your team performed beyond our expectations. Physia's demand not only required significant project management and traditional advanced technology skills but also required your personnel to learn and adapt to Physia's very advanced Internet development environment called iHOS (Internet Healthcare Operating System). Throughout the process and our 18 month relationship, your personnel proved to have extremely high quality in their technical and communication skills. They became an integral member of our team and were on target with their deliverables. They also showed significant flexibility in adapting to our work environments and processes.

Amir Jafri, President & COO - Physia, Inc

I am writing to thank you and your entire team for an excellent and productive year. We at Solar Productions continue to be extremely satisfied with having you as our application development partner. Your honesty, integrity, timeliness and quality are superb and have met all of our expectations. This business is getting more competitive but we feel confident that with you as our partner we will continue to expand and define new goals in the coming years.

John Colasante, President - SOLAR Productions, Inc.

I would like to acknowledge you, and your entire team, for being professional, well versed in our business understanding and very prompt! It is a great pleasure to work with an organization that provides immediate results, and because I can rely on them, I can do what I do best, which is run a company and create partnerships and design systems that impact the lives of thousands of people. Your efforts and professionalism are a blessing.

Jonathan Duarte, CEO - GO Jobs, Inc.

We have worked very closely with your people on many projects. We are very happy with their work and continue to look for new opportunities to employ them.

Larry Schlack, President & CEO - CyberSpace Promotions, Inc.

Your support has been excellent.

James Whitcomb, CEO - Maui Innovative, Inc.

You are the company I have been waiting for to assist me in my projects. You have now given me the ability of not turning down contracts. I feel that my company has expanded its resources.

Nina Little, President & CEO - Teknical Solutions, Inc.

I'm pleased with the final product; The overall layout is crisp and clean. As a company you delivered and did everything you said you would do - I would recommend you to others. Also you paid attention to details and I didn't have to worry about every bug or issue during development; I didn't experience any pain during the development process. You would be the vendor of choice for our future development work; although the company policy and my personal policy is that I get three quotes. All the best.

Philip Topham, CTO - yLnx Research, Inc.

We have been very blessed to have found you. Thank you very much! We have really appreciated the talent that you have brought us. We look forward to future team work.

Ernie Stripling, Technology Information Officer - Denton Independent School District Texas

Software developed by our team are successfully being used at:

  • Applied Knowledge Inc
  • Blackmon Mooring Steamatic
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • CenturyLink
  • Constellation Homebuilder Systems
  • Culligan International
  • CyberSpace Promotions
  • CyberWolf Systems
  • Denton Independent School District
  • DigiClick
  • Document Conversion Associates
  • eAgency
  • EarthWalk Communications
  • Editspot
  • Embarq
  • Exceed Digital Inc
  • FireTower Tech
  • Fuzzy llama Creative Solutions
  • GoJobs
  • GoSub60
  • HeartOffice
  • HPCareer.net
  • IBM
  • ISecureMyNet Inc
  • Knowledge Driver
  • Leading Edge Designs
  • Legal Aid Society New York
  • Lucky Clover Solutions
  • Matsch Systems
  • Maui Innovative
  • Metaphor IVR
  • Metaphor Studios
  • MKIS
  • MobileSynch
  • MyMobileWatchDog
  • National Recreational Properties
  • Netlogix
  • Netspective
  • NextWest
  • Now My Networks Inc
  • onProject
  • PharmaVoxx
  • Philips
  • Physia Corporation
  • PMI
  • RespondBy
  • Sendio
  • Solar Productions
  • Southern Pacific Bank
  • Sprint
  • Sterling Testing
  • Structured Solutions
  • Teknical Solutions
  • Teradyne
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Travel Channel
  • UCPlanet
  • VantageILM
  • Winntech Inc
  • And More ....